Brandon Caldwell

Lead Designer:
As a child I grew up in a very artistic home. My father went to school for architecture then later fell in love with landscape design. My mother was a natural artist ranging from cartooning to mural paintings. My love for design was further cultivated by my interest in technology. After studying Graphic Advertising at the Columbus College of Art & Design, I decided to shift my interest onto social marketing. 

Being born into the era of the internet, I've watched it from its infancy grow into the giant, revenue-generating behemoth it is today and have wanted to be apart of the journey since day one.

(CDG)Caldwell Design Group was founded by Brandon Caldwell in 2012. Influenced by his born eye for design, Brandon set out from the beginning with an intuitive approach that embraced a clean, clear and precise tactics, using texture and color in a way that responds to the varying human needs of ascetics and symmetry, display and stimulation. Today, he and his team work with a coterie of clients – small to mid-sized business owners, developers, artist of all kids, nightclub and self promoters – who share his commitment to excellence and his pursuit for relevancy.
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