Superstring 2 - Simply the best in Video Lyric making!!!

Superstring is a Mac & Windows application that lets musicians create their own lyric videos. With Superstring 2, musicians can create absolutely beautiful lyric videos in just minutes.
So, long story short, I was contracted to create a lyric video for a client out of Chicago.  A well known singer/songwriter who wanted to turn a song he wrote for his mother into a lyric video.  Having not made one in a long while, I went to my usual avenues; GarageBand, PowerPoint and even tried some bogus YouTube lyric maker that needless to say, was a complete joke!
I reached out to a colleague who asked, "Have you tried Superstring yet?" to my obvious reply of "no".  I looked up the software, found a few YouTube videos on how to make one and I drove in!  
The UI for the software is really nice, makes you feel like you're about to really get down to business! The navigation is simple, reminiscent of iTunes.  The free version is simplistic and non-bulky; I was able to create a pretty cool lyric video in a short amount of time (1 hour with a beer run!)  
I am looking forward to using this video maker and after uploading a sample of my recent work to SnapChat; I received 2 more inquires about future work!! $$
If you're looking to get a little more personal with your audience, breakdown meanings in your songs, or just want to have another way for your audience to appreciate your songwriting ability, Superstring 2 is where it's at!!! 

Good Job,

How it works

1. Select a song.

Select and drag a song that you want to create a lyric video into Superstring.

2. Enter lyrics.

Enter lyrics and align the timing of them by dragging. You can customize text styles, fonts, and more.

3. Add backgrounds.

Add images as a background. You can also customize background styles, colors, and more.

4. Export & share.

You can export your lyric video as a file that you can upload to YouTube. Share it with the world!

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